Do you have any doubts regarding how to rent a motorhome?

Do you need any further information regarding their features or use?

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions for renting a motorhome.

Any drivers must be at least 27 years old and be the holder of a class B driving license, or the equivalent in your country, for at least two years. If you reside outside the European Union, you must possess an international driving license. All potential drivers must be reported at the time of signing the rental contract when taking possession of the vehicle, and photocopies of the corresponding driving licenses must be presented. The extra fee per additional driver shall be of €25.

The vehicle shall be considered properly parked when it does not surpass the road markings that delimit the parking area, nor does it exceed the established time limit.

It is considered camping when one or more chairs or a table are placed outside the vehicle, an awning is opened or the step to enter the motorhome extended, or by opening any skylights or windows when these extend passed the vehicle’s perimeter, or if any liquids are emptied from the vehicle.

If no signpost specifically indicates otherwise, parking and spending the night is allowed anywhere in Menorca, as long as the vehicle is properly parked.

Yes, as long as the vehicle is properly parked and not camped, unless expressly prohibited by municipal ordinance.

No. This is strictly prohibited. Passengers must be properly seated with their seatbelts fastened, just as in any other vehicle.

Batteries charge when they are connected to the electrical grid of simply when the vehicle’s engine is running. Our vehicles also have solar panels for recharging, thus helping to avoid any issues regarding batteries running out of charge.

Before setting off on your journey, we will show you how this works. We will also provide you with enough chemicals for the duration of your rental period. Emptying can be carried out at sites established for such necessities. We will provide you with specific information regarding locations when you collect your vehicle.

Before delivery, Menorca Camper inspects, cleans and sterilizes each motorhome so they are in perfect condition for our clients’ use and enjoyment.

The motorhome must be returned with the interior empty and clean and the residual water tanks and toilet emptied and cleaned, with the exception of the clean-water tank, which must be full. Otherwise, a flat fee shall be applied of €120 for interior cleaning and of €175 for the removal of grey and black waters.

All our motorhomes are rented with the tank full, and must hence be returned with the tank equally full. Otherwise, a filling fee of €30 will be charged, plus the price of the additional fuel needed.

Our motorhome models have a water tank of just over 100 litres of clean water. When collecting your vehicle, we will explain how and where clean and dirty water tanks can be filled and emptied.

Please bear in mind that the vehicle collection process may take around one hour, as we prefer to clearly explain all the necessary information regarding the motorhome to help ensure that you have a wonderful holiday, in addition to all required formalities.

You will also have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle together with a member of the Menorca Camper team to verify that the vehicle is fully equipped and any damages or signs of use are included on the vehicle delivery form.

In general, vehicle delivery is carried out in the afternoon/evening between 4 pm and 7 pm, and returns must be made in the morning between 9 am and 12 pm, and by appointment.

The schedules that appear in the rental contract shall be those that have been previously agreed upon.

Yes. For camper or motorhome rental, a deposit of €1,000 must be retained to cover any possible damages to either the vehicle’s interior or exterior, as well as to cover any damages to third parties.

The €1,000 deposit, which is paid on the first day of vehicle rental, covers unlimited damages to third parties and own damage starting from €1,000.

As such, all damage caused to the motorhome during the rental period below the €1,000 threshold shall be the full liability and fault of the client, and will be deducted from the deposit.

Our vehicles are quite new and are inspected before each and every rental. There should be no issues of any kind regarding vehicle liability, but in the case of any breakdown or accident, please contact us immediately to initiate steps to resolve the given problem.

Yes! They are allowed.

On the condition of required prior notification and approval from us, and with a possible cleaning surcharge.

Depending on the season and with prior authorisation. Please ask us.

Websites: AreasAc and

Apps: Park4night, Campercontact, caramaps

When renting any of our vehicles, please request our link on Google Maps with recommended sites to visit by motorhome.

Prices will be calculated based on the number of rental days in each season, as indicated in our pricing table.

The motorhome has room to carry up to four bicycles in the vehicle’s storage compartment.

220v electrical power can be available when your motorhome is connected to an external electrical grid. This can be done at a campsite or certain parking lots.

In the event a client opts to cancel the binding reservation, she or he will be required to pay the following cancellation fees calculated based on the date of the initial confirmed reservation:

  • Up to 50 days before the start of the rental period: 20% of the total rental price
  • Between 49 and 15 days before the start of the rental period: 50% of the total rental price
  • Less than 15 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the total rental price

Descubre como ser un viajero responsable

At Camper Menorca we enjoy the island taking care of it and protecting it.

Discover how to be a responsible traveler


Discover how to be a responsible traveler

At Camper Menorca we enjoy the island taking care of it and protecting it.

Discover how to be a responsible traveler

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