Rent a camper in Menorca

Rental of 2 and 4 seater Campervans

We dispose of different camper models, with a capacity for 2 or 4 people. They are equipped with one or two double beds in the back, as well as a comfortable living room, kitchen and bathroom. All the comfort in less than 6 meters in length.

They are agile and very manageable vehicles, perfect for moving around Menorca.

From 2 to 4 people

From €100/ night

Rental of 4 seater Motorhomes

The ROLLER TEAM Kronos 294 TL motorhome has a capacity of 4 adults and one child. It has a transverse double bed in the back and another folding double bed on the living room. With a living room that can be converted into a single bed for a small child. It has a full kitchen and bathroom. It also has a large garage with capacity to store bikes.

All the comforts of a motorhome in 6 meters and a half.

4 + 1 people

From €125/ night

Camper Menorca-White


Camper Menorca-White