General Motorhome Rental Terms and Conditions

Dear client, The contracting partner is that which corresponds with the rental office providing your vehicle, and upon formalising the booking agreement for the motorhome, the following rental conditions shall be included in the contract formed between the contracting parties and Menorca en Kayak S.L. (Camper Menorca), in other words, the corresponding rental office (hereinafter, referred to as the “Rental Company”) and you (hereinafter, the “Renter”).
Please read the following general terms and conditions carefully.

 1.1 Only valid are the following General Terms and Conditions of Menorca Camper, its partners and licensees (hereinafter, “the Lessor”). No conditions of the Renter shall be admitted that may differ or be contrary to the Rental Company’s General Terms and Conditions, even in the event where the Rental Company rents a vehicle to the Renter without a prior booking, while still being aware of the Renter’s differing conditions.

      1.2 The sole purpose of the contract with the Renter is that of renting a motorhome. The Rental Company shall not responsible for providing travel services or any packages including such.

      1.3 In the event of a booking, a rental contract or agreement will be formalised and signed between the Rental Company(s) and the Renter(s), which shall be subject exclusively to Spanish Law. The Renter is fully responsible for organising her/his own trip as well as for the use of the vehicle. The rental contract shall be limited to the agreed period of time. The implicit extension of the rental contract for an undetermined period for continued use of the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

     1.4 All agreements between the Rental Company and the Renter must be made in writing.

 2.1 The Renter and all drivers must be at least 27 years of age (26 years old paying a supplement), and must hold a valid Spanish Class B driving license or international equivalent for at least two years.

If any individuals are non-EU residents, a valid international driving license will be required. To take delivery of the motorhome, it is absolutely necessary that the Renter and/or the driver(s) show their respective valid driving licenses and passports or national identification cards. In the event that vehicle delivery is delayed due to the non-presentation of such documentation, said delay shall be the liability of the Renter. If the abovementioned documentation cannot be presented at the agreed vehicle delivery time, or within a reasonable amount of time thereafter, the Rental Company shall be authorised to cancel the rental contract. Conditions for cancellation are those stipulated in section 4.2. The Rental Company or other official authorities may require the presentation of a valid international driving license (for clients that are non-EU residents).

    2.2 If at the time of delivery of the rented motorhome, a driving license that is valid for this type of vehicle is not presented, motorhome delivery shall be considered as not having taken place, and the relevant cancellation policy will apply (see section 4.2).

    2.3 The vehicle may only be driven by the primary and additional drivers that have been registered as such at the rental office.

3.1 Rental prices are based on the Rental Company’s pricing list in force at the time the agreement is formalised. A minimum established rental period at certain times of year is also established via the Rental Company’s pricing list in force at the signing of the contract. Depending on the number of rental days booked, the prices that appear on the corresponding season’s pricing list shall apply. For each rental, a set, one-time payment will be charged for the services provided, the total of which is also determined by the Rental Company’s pricing list in force at the time of formalising the contract.

      3.2 The rental prices of any optional accessories shall be those found on the Rental Company’s pricing list in force at the time of formalising the contract.

      3.3 The minimum rental period is of two days, although this may vary by season and may be defined as up to seven days.

      3.4 The corresponding rental prices include: VAT, unlimited mileage for rentals, full-risk insurance in accordance with the corresponding insurance coverage (see section 11 below) and 24-hour roadside assistance.

      3.5 The rental period begins when the motorhome is picked up by the Renter at the rental office and ends when the vehicle is received by the staff at the rental office.

     3.6 If the motorhome is returned beyond the deadline established in writing, the Rental Company will charge late fees of €30/hour for the first three hours and €100 from the fourth hour on. The Renter shall bear the costs incurred by another renter or any other individual that may make a claim to the Rental Company due to a delay in vehicle delivery caused by the Renter.

     3.7 In the event the vehicle is returned before the agreed rental period ends, the full rental price agreed upon in the contract must be paid regardless.

     3.8 Motorhomes are picked up with the fuel tank full and must also be returned with a full tank, and the fuel receipt from the petrol station must be shown. Otherwise, the Rental Company will make an additional charge for missing fuel plus a €30 surcharge. The Renter shall bear all expenses for fuel and operational costs during the rental period.

     3.9 To return the vehicle to a location other than that of pick-up, a special agreement must be made with the Rental Company, as well as the corresponding payment for said service agreed upon before the motorhome is picked up.

 4.1 Bookings shall only be binding upon confirmation by the Rental Company, as established in section 4.2, and exclusively for vehicle categories, not for specific models. This shall also apply in the event a specific model is mentioned as an example in the description of a vehicle category. The Rental Company reserves the right to substitute a vehicle booked by the client for another of an equivalent or higher class.

      4.2 Once the Rental Company has sent written confirmation of the booking, the corresponding deposit fee of 30% must be paid in the event the booking is made at least 50 days before the rental start date. In these cases, the booking fee must be paid in full at least 30 days before the start of the rental period. For bookings made less than 30 days before the rental period, 100% of the rental payment must be made upfront. From this moment, the booking will be considering binding for both parties. In the event the Renter does not comply with these deadlines, the booking will no longer be binding for the Rental Company.

In the event that the client cancels the binding reservation, they shall be required to pay the following cancellation fees, calculated in reference to the initial confirmed booking date:

  • Up to 31 days before the start of the rental period: 30% of the total rental price

  • Between 30 and 15 days before the start of the rental period: 50% of the total rental price

  • Less than 15 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the total rental price

If the Renter does not comply with these deadlines, the booking shall no longer be binding for the Rental Company.

In the event that the client cancels the binding reservation, they shall have no right to recover 100% of the paid amount.

  5.1 The rental price determined in accordance with the booking dates must be paid via Camper Menorca’s online booking system (bank card or PayPal) or by bank transfer to the account that will be provided to the Renter by the Rental Company.

      5.2 No later than the moment of vehicle pickup, the Renter must pay the sum of €1,000, by credit card, as a deposit and guarantee of loyal compliance of the obligations found in this agreement (Visa or MasterCard).

      5.3 With regard to last-minute bookings (less than 3 days before the rental date), the rental price must be paid immediately.

      5.4 The deposit will be returned after the vehicle is inspected by a member of the Rental Company’s staff, and within a maximum of 48 hours time. In the event any damages caused by improper use are found, the amount payable by the client shall be determined by the Rental Company staff. This amount shall be deducted from the deposit, and the Renter agrees to undertake the payment of any amounts for damages that are above and beyond that of the previously paid deposit. If, for any reason, damages cannot be assessed immediately, the Rental Company will have 60 days to determine the settlement and return the deposit, if applicable, or otherwise claim the excess amount between the deposit and damages. In case of accident, the amount of the fully comprehensive insurance excess shall also be deducted from the deposit.

If the Renter is owed any compensation relating to prepaid rental fees, said amount shall be returned along with the deposit.

      5.5 The Renter expressly agrees to pay the Rental Company the following:

  • Any additional charges that may arise from vehicle drop-off in any other location or city without previous authorisation from the Rental Company.

  • The cost of any fines, legal fees or extrajudicial expenses that derive from any traffic violations or other causes, that may be imposed on the vehicle, the Renter or the Rental Company, and that originate during the period of validity of this rental agreement, unless these are the fault of the Rental Company.

  • If the vehicle should be towed, impounded or confiscated at the fault of the Renter, all related expenses shall be the responsibility of the Renter, including any financial losses incurred by the Rental Company while the vehicle is immobilised.

  • Any costs incurred by the Rental Company (including any legal fees) when claiming any amounts owed by the Renter in virtue of this rental agreement.

  • The vehicle includes fully comprehensive insurance with excess. It does not cover the personal effects of the Renter and other passengers or guests.

  • In case of vehicle theft, fire or window damage from accidents, the Renter shall be exempt from payment of the excess.

  •      5.6 In the event the Renter makes late payment, interest will accrue in accordance with any and all legal provisions in force.

6.1 Before the start of the trip, the Renter agrees to abide by any instructions given by the technical staff at the Rental Company’s pickup point. Additionally, a vehicle collection certificate (Check Out) will be written up with details of vehicle condition. This must be signed by both parties. The Rental Company may refuse to hand the vehicle over until these vehicle instructions have been officially received.

      6.2 When returning the vehicle, the Renter is required to carry out a final inspection of the motorhome together with the Rental Company staff at the drop off point. A vehicle return certificate (Check In) will be written up and signed by both the Renter and Rental Company. Any damages detected when returning the vehicle that are not included in the vehicle collection certificate shall be covered by the Renter.

      6.3 As a general rule, vehicles can be picked up from Monday to Sunday, from 4 pm to 7 pm; drop offs from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 12 pm. The times appearing in the rental agreement shall be considered binding.

      6.4 Any unauthorised late returns shall be penalised with the fees mentioned in section 3.6.

      6.5 If the Renter should wish to extend the rental period, they must request this of the Rental Company at least three days before the end of the rental agreement. The possible confirmation of extension shall be subject to availability of vehicles at the time, of which the Rental Company assumes no prior commitment.

      6.6 Any modifications made to rental dates must be previously authorised by the Rental Company. Non-compliance with this condition shall entitle the Rental Company to take possession of the vehicle or request such by any legal means necessary. The Rental Company reserves the right to demand the vehicle’s return at any time while this agreement is in force, if its use infringes upon any terms herein.

      6.7 When the vehicle is returned at the end of the rental period, but the Renter is not present for vehicle inspection for any reasons attributable to them, return via key drop off in the mailbox, or general unavailability, and damages to the vehicle are found, the Renter accepts the assessment of the resulting damages from the inspection carried out by Rental Company staff.

      6.8 The vehicle must be returned clean inside and with the wastewater tanks and toilets empty. Otherwise, the client agrees to pay €120 for interior cleaning and €175 for grey waters and emptying of the chemical toilet and/or the cost of fuel to be added plus €30.

      6.9 The filling of the potable water tank with any type of fuel, or of fuel tank with water or any other erroneous fluid, shall result in a fine of €1,000.

      6.10 Damage or loss of the vehicle’s keys shall result in a fine of €300.

  7.1 The Renter acknowledges that the vehicle has been received in perfect mechanical condition, with all necessary documentation and all the necessary tools, tyres and accessories, and commits to maintain the vehicle in equally good condition. Similarly, they agree to comply with the obligations and limitations set forth in current traffic regulations at all times, while also accepting the following requirements:

  • Do not allow the vehicle to be driven by any individuals that have not been expressly and duly authorised.

  • Do not carry more passengers than those specified in the vehicle’s documentation.

  • Do not sub-lease the vehicle or use it for commercial purposes, or any other use not included in the contract.

  • Do not transport any type of merchandise, drugs or toxic or flammable materials.

  • Do not allow for use by third parties, neither free of charge nor for a fee, and do not partake in any illegal activities.

  • Do not commit any crimes or infractions, including those that are penalised at the time and on site as defined by current legislation.

  • Do not drive the vehicle in non-optimal physical conditions due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.

  • Do not drive the vehicle off-road or on any inadequate surfaces, or use the vehicle to take part in any sporting or endurance events, races or other activity that may result in damages.

  • Do not use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or trailers.

  • Do not remove the seal from or otherwise tamper with the odometer, and immediately notify the Rental Company if this should experience any malfunction.

  • Do not circulate off the island of Menorca without express prior authorisation from the Rental Company.

  • It is expressly prohibited to travel to any country that is at war or involved in any armed conflict.

  • Park and secure the vehicle correctly when not in use, and protect it from damage due to frost, hail or any other meteorological phenomenon that may cause significant damage.

  • It is expressly forbidden for the Renter to modify any technical aspects of the vehicle, the keys, locks, equipment and/or accessories, or make any modifications whatsoever to its interior or exterior appearance without express written authorisation from the Rental Company. In the event of any infractions of this article, the Renter shall be responsible for all expenses required to return the vehicle to its original condition, and must also pay a penalty for the immobilisation of the vehicle until it has been fully repaired.

    7.2 The vehicle must be cared for and treated properly, and always left properly locked. Both the technical standards and the various provisions for usage must be considered at all times. The condition of the vehicle must be inspected, especially the water and oil levels, as well as tyre pressure. The Renter agrees to regularly verify that the rented motorhome is in perfect and safe driving conditions.

    7.3 Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicle. Pets can only enter with the express authorisation of the Rental Company. Cleaning costs resulting from any type of noncompliance shall be paid in full by the Renter. The Renter shall also bear any costs regarding ventilation or removal of odours cause by smoking, including any losses incurred if the vehicle is deemed not apt for rental for a given time due to the aforementioned reason.

  7.4 It is forbidden to drive on roads or tracks in poor condition that may cause any damages to the vehicle’s underside.

  7.5 If there should be any evidence that any of the above sections (7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4) have been infringed, the Rental Company reserves the right to immediately nullify the rental agreement.

  8.1 In the event of accident, theft, fire or any damages caused by wild animals, the Renter must immediately notify the police and the Rental Company office by phone at the number found in the rental agreement. No contrary claims shall be accepted.

     8.2 Responsibility for the occurrence shall not be recognised nor prejudged, except for the “Amicable Accident Report”. The Renter must obtain all relevant data from the opposing party and any witnesses, which together with the specific details of the accident, shall be submitted to the Rental Company within the stipulated time period. The authorities must be immediately notified of the accident if it was at the fault of the opposing party. The accident report must be duly completed and signed, and submitted to the Rental Company no later than the moment of the vehicle’s return. Said document must include the name and address of the individuals involved, their driving license data, the data of the opposing party, along with the name of their insurance company and policy number, details of any witnesses and the number plates of all vehicles involved.

     8.3 In the event of robbery or theft, this must be immediately reported with the competent authorities and subsequently reported to the Rental Company, submitting a copy of the police report, along with the vehicle keys, no later than 24 hours after the incident. Otherwise, the insurance policy and other coverage shall be invalid.

     8.4 Even in the event of damages without an opposing party, and regardless of the seriousness of this event, the Renter must prepare a comprehensive written report for the Rental Company, together with a sketch that depicts the incident. If the Renter does not file this report for any reason, thus resulting in the insurance company’s non-payment of damages, the Renter shall be liable for the full amount of the corresponding payment.

     8.5 Do not leave the vehicle without taking all necessary precautions for its protection and security. If necessary, contact the roadside assistance company associated with the insurance company.

     8.6 In the Renter should fail to comply with any of these measures, where applicable, the Rental Company may claim damages from the Renter for any negligent behaviour, including any loss of profit suffered by the Rental Company during the period in which the vehicle is immobilised.

     9.1 Any rights to compensation by the Renter for damages not attributable to the Rental Company shall be expressly excluded.

      9.2 Upon returning the vehicle, the Renter must inform the Rental Company in writing of any defects found on the motorhome or its equipment after the beginning of the rental period. Any rights to compensation for damages for defects at a later time shall be expressly excluded, unless such indications are caused by unnoticeable damage.

10.1 Normal mechanical wear to the vehicle is assumed by the Rental Company. When the duration of the journey or road conditions so warrant, any necessary maintenance tasks shall be performed at an official service centre of the chassis-engine make.

      10.2 Stop the vehicle as soon as possible if any warning lights appear that indicate an anomaly with the vehicle’s operation. The Rental Company or roadside assistance company, and no other entity, should be contacted. An official service centre for the chassis-engine make must be contacted exclusively, unless expressly authorised otherwise by the Rental Company.

     10.3 The Renter may handle any reparations that may be necessary to ensure safety during vehicle operation and travel during the rental period that do not exceed €100. To do such, it shall only be necessary to receive approval from the Rental Company, who shall bear the costs of such repairs if original documents for repairs and any changed parts are submitted, provided that the Renter is not responsible for the damages as stipulated in section 11. Any damages to the vehicle’s tyres are excluded from this regulation.

     10.4 In the event that any repair of this nature is necessary due to damages attributable to the Rental Company, and the Renter does not resolve the issue, the Renter must inform the Rental Company of said damage and allow a reasonable time frame for repair. The Rental Company will not be liable for the specific conditions and rules of different countries (e.g. infrastructure) that may result in any delayed repairs.

     10.5 In the event of malfunction of any components in the vehicle’s interior, the Renter must immediately inform the Rental Company of this situation. The Rental Company will provide any necessary instructions for repairs.

     10.6 If, by no fault of the Renter, the motorhome sustains any serious damage, or the vehicle is expected to be unusable for an extended period of time or even decommissioned, where possible and as quickly as possible, the Rental Company shall provide the Renter with a replacement vehicle with the same passenger capacity or larger, although excluding the termination of the contract in all cases.

     10.7 If, by fault of the Renter, the motorhome sustains serious damage, or the vehicle is expected to be unusable for an extended period of time or even decommissioned, the Rental Company shall not be required to provide a replacement vehicle. In this case, termination of the rental contract by the Renter shall not be permitted. If the Rental Company can provide a replacement vehicle, any costs resulting from this substitution may be charged to the Renter.

 11.1 In accordance with the principles of the fully comprehensive insurance, in the event of comprehensive damages, the Renter shall be exempt from any material damages, although the excess of €1,000 will be covered by the Renter.

      11.2 Under no circumstances shall the Renter be exempt from any and all civil, administrative or penal liabilities, or of any other nature that result from an accident or negligent behaviour.

      11.3 The exemption from liability detailed in section 11.1 shall not apply if the Renter fails to comply with any of the regulations set forth in all the points of section 8.

      11.4 The exemption from liability described in section 11.1 shall not apply if the Renter causes any damages that may be considered premeditated or caused by negligent behaviour.

      11.5 Additionally, the Renter shall be considered liable in the event of negligent behaviour in the following cases:

  • If the Renter does not abide by all in-force rules and traffic regulations of the country in question.

  • If any damages are due to reckless driving from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • If the Renter or driver flees from the site of an accident.

  • If the Renter, in violation of the requirement set forth in section 8, does not report an accident to the police, unless this infraction has no influence on the verification of the causes of damages nor their extent.

  • If the Renter fails to comply with other obligations described in section 8, unless this infraction has no influence on the verification of the causes of damages or their extent.

  • If damages are due to any uses prohibited in section 7.1.

  • If damages are due to an infraction of the requirement defined in section 7.2.

  • If damages are caused by an unauthorised driver who the Renter has allowed to drive the vehicle.

  • If damages have been caused from not bearing in mind the vehicle’s overall dimensions (height, width, length).

  • If damages are due to noncompliance with any provisions regarding additional loads.

     11.6 The Renter shall be liable for all expenses, fees, fines and penalties related to the vehicle’s use that may be claimed from the Rental Company, unless these are due to causes attributable to the Rental Company.

     11.7 In the event of the existence of multiple Renters, they shall be held liable as joint debtors.

12.1 The Rental Company shall deliver the vehicle in perfect condition, having carried out all inspections and necessary maintenance to ensure its proper operation. The Rental Company shall not be liable for mechanical failures or breakdowns due to normal wear, nor for any costs, delays or other damages that may occur as a result of said failures or breakdowns, whether directly or indirectly.

     12.2 If, due to force majeure, fortuitous events or any other causes unrelated to the Rental Company, the vehicle cannot be delivered on the agreed date, this situation shall not warrant any compensation from the Rental Company, except for the return of the deposit fee paid by the Renter.

     12.3 The Rental Company shall not be liable to the Renter for any vehicle left by the Renter in the free car park found on the public premises during the motorhome rental period.

    12.4 The Rental Company shall be held liable to an unlimited extent in case of fraud, malicious intent or serious negligence. In cases of minor negligence, limited liability for damages shall apply as stipulated in the rental agreement, to the extent that any obligation is infringed upon and whose compliance is deemed of particular importance for the fulfilment of this contract (cardinal obligations). This measure for liability shall also apply for cases in which obstacles may arise for the provision of services when formalising this agreement.

    12.5 The General Terms and Conditions expounded at the Rental Office at the beginning of the rental period shall be those considered of application.