Parking place

I preserve and value beautiful places, I use common sense when I park. Before I park (with my motorhome, campervan or van), I make sure that the place and his access are authorized by local regulations by the owner of the place.

I park

I park correctly in a single parking space.I park without putting several vehicles and without spending several nights in the same place. I maintain a courtesy distance and greet other travelers.

I take care of where I park

I know the difference between parking, staying overnight and camping. I avoid “camping” on public roads by installing accessories outside (wheel chocks, awning, table, chairs, etc…), it damages the image of nomadic travellers. I will be respectful of my neighbors on the plot. I will be respectful of my neighbors. Before leaving I will make sure everything is as I found it or even better.

I don't leave a trace

I adopt a responsible conduct respecting the environment of the place, avoiding the generation of garbage so as not to deteriorate natural spaces and maintain biodiversity. I do not hesitate to collect the waste found on the site, nature is everyone’s responsibility. If I can’t throw away/sort my waste, I take it with me. I do not light fires or barbecues in nature. I am discreet and respect the calm of the place (no loud music, pets, loud voices…), both day and night. I choose another place if it is already full.

Emptying of black and gray water

I plan the emptying of my gray and black water exclusively in the places specified for it, I will NEVER do it in nature. The grid to empty the toilet (black water) of the motorhome or the camper will NEVER be the same as the one to empty the gray water tank, I will look for the specific hatch for it. There are many specific places for emptying, public and private. I will agree to share in the costs of any of these paid services. I take advantage of these stops to get rid of garbage and other waste. Remember, recycle whenever possible!

In a private place

Be polite and introduce yourself when you arrive. Show respect for animals and the rhythm of life of the place. Please ask permission before installing outdoor fixtures and taking your pets outside.

Communicate with the locals

Try to meet and chat with people from the areas you visit, it will give you a different and more complete vision of these places. Take the opportunity to introduce them to life in the motorhome and spread our good image as travelers.

Support the local economy

Support the local economy by consuming in local businesses (markets, local producers, restaurants…) contributing to their survival. Local product consumption gives value to its traditions and workers. Be a lover of km 0 products! Being a respectful traveler means respecting the places we visit, the people we meet, learning about and understanding the world beyond our door.

Happy journey!


Be a respectful traveler
it means respecting the places we visit,
the people we meet,
learn and understand the world
that is beyond our door.